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Ownership Strategy Session

An Ownership Strategy Session is great first (sometimes the only needed) step for an owner or family to gain understanding into the core issues surrounding making any decision about the future ownership of their business.

We begin with some high-level discovery, assessments, and data collection. From there, we have a half-day meeting to discuss findings and work though issues such as, your personal and business goals, family concerns, business value creation, personal and business risks, transition, red flags, and potential exit options. Together, we will work through key Q&A and brainstorm ideas, consequences, and suggestions.

After the session a complete write up of action items, concerns, and guidance is created. The results of this strategy session will call out key points and considerations which will make up your Owner’s Policy Statement. Much like a financial advisor would use an Investment Policy Statement, this OPS will be your guide moving forward as you explore and plan for various exit options.

A similar half-day session can also be conducted for management teams or family leaders.