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Our Partners

A successful “exit” is often a process rather than a moment. Like any process, there are often multiple steps and stages, each of which requires particular expertise.

Our partners here reflect those stages focusing on growth, value, risk, and transactions.

Please contact us to help you along this process.

Brandywine M&A is a professional M&A advisor providing sell-side representation to owner-led companies. We learned M&A in the Fortune 100 and have adapted that experience to help owners of closely-held businesses.

BMA’s process delivers a level of representation normally reserved for much larger companies with an overriding focus on what is best for the owner(s) and those they care about.

Strategy, Methods, and Tools to Grow your Sales.

Value Prop provides training, coaching, and support for our clients’ strategy, marketing, and sales initiatives. Create and deploy powerful growth strategies.

Online or in-person – our tools, experience, and proven success help you turn the tide on shrinking margins, and disappointing sales results.