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“He’s Driving my Mother Crazy”

That a direct quote when a friend of mine was asked how his father was doing. My friend mentioned his Dad, now over 70, was on a kick of forwarding emails he finds funny, interesting, or troubling. (Honestly my Mother has this habit as well.) This was attributed to having time on his hands and the need to focus some energy. This also was manifesting itself elsewhere around the home leading to the title statement.

You see my friend’s Father has recently sold his business and now is home and retired. Now I will say this unfocused energy may not be rare, but it may not be the norm either. Sometimes an owner leaves a bit “early” or sells before they are truly ready. It is these owners who do need to be able to answer “what’s next? What will fill my days?”

That said, the other end of that spectrum is not a desirable position to be in. Too often owners hold on to long and are forced to sell when older due to many reasons such as health, company performance, etc. Now it could be argued he sold “too soon” since there is a drive to “do”. However, maybe now is the time for that “doing” to be something new, perhaps something for fun, for self, and for family.

You can’t always perfect time your exit form ownership but believe me, leaving too early is better than too late. Maybe driving Mom crazy isn’t all bad.

Unsure if you are ready to sell your business?