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Player – Coach – (Owner)

Bill Russell, George Halas, Tom Landry, Frank Robinson all did it. These, and many others were at some point “player-coaches”. Some head coaches, others as assistants to coordinators. Sometimes it even worked out well (i.e. Russell), for a time. Sometimes it was...

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“He’s Driving my Mother Crazy”

That a direct quote when a friend of mine was asked how his father was doing. My friend mentioned his Dad, now over 70, was on a kick of forwarding emails he finds funny, interesting, or troubling. (Honestly my Mother has this habit as well.) This was attributed to...

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What is an “Exit”?

Just few years ago the word “Exit” had a pretty bad connotation to small business owners. Still does really, just not as bad. The worst of the interpretations is leaving the building feet first. To some it now connects with selling their business. I would suppose that...

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What is “Value”?

A few years back I returned from an annual conference many thoughts, concerns and Ideas are running through my mind. Certainly, the field of “exit planning” is fairly “young” searching for its place among the business owners and advisors. It had moved from unknown to...

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Business Type Cage Match – A Lifestyle vs. An Asset

“Build your business to suit your preferences.” – Dan Kennedy This argument about owners and their business will probably never stop. And it shouldn’t. It is a real issue, concern really, for owners but I think we could all take another look at it. Why does it matter?...

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Constraints and Fallacies

Every business, and everyone in general for that matter, faces constraints every day. Some we know and accept, some unknown, and others we fight against. They can be legal, physical (I can’t dunk a basketball), financial, personal, etc. Some are self-imposed, others...

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