Advisory services are focused on the decision process of choosing and designing a business owner’s exit. That often means different things to different owners, partners, spouses, parents, and children. Each one, either directly as a shareholder or employee, or indirectly, as a stakeholder and family member is greatly effected by this once in a lifetime decision. Owners will face many questions and options, some will apply while some will not.

Should an owner sell (third party or insiders), keep in family, grow and run further, or close the doors? There are actually quite a few others too, each one with special circumstances and ramifications.

Based on experience, it is our belief is that it all begins with education for an owner (and family) and creating a sold foundation of information, opinion, and clarity. This process allows ownership to change their lens and view their business from the outside, as an asset, and allows for informed decisions about the future ownership of the company.


We offer couple ways to work together:



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An Ownership Strategy Session is great first (sometimes only needed) step for an owner or family to gain understanding into the core issues surrounding making an decision about the future ownership of their business. We begin with some high level discovery and data collection. From there, we have a half-day meeting to discuss findings and

MORE Value Builder System

Have You Dreamed of Someday Selling Your Business? Take the Free ValueBuilder Score and find out how your business would measure up if you really tried to sell it. Ever dream of selling your business for big money and retiring to the good life? You may not be as far from turning that dream into a

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“Family business should be illegal” Actual Gen2 Business Owner That headline is an actual quote from a business owner (named withheld to protect the innocent) who sat on a family business panel. This owner shared his story about how he actually left his financially successful family business (as the son of the owner) due to the

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Exit Decisions provides educational workshops for groups, business organizations, and 1-on-1 with private companies. Various customized sessions include topics such as: The Freedom Workshop If, When & How Understanding your REAL Value Drivers For Spouses Only For Advisors Only   We are also available for speaking engagements or keynotes for your company or organization. Topics include:

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Exit Decisions can assist advisors to family business owners on the critical and often uncomfortable conversations about current and future ownership. Even family businesses will have an “exit”, hopefully it is a planned and managed event with everyone’s best interest in line while protecting the wealth and legacy of both the business and the family. We