Straight Talk from the Front Lines is a candid, insightful,  and even  fun look at selling your business. Matt Coyne, co-founder of Brandywine M&A and contributor to Exit Decisions brings his years of Fortune 500 and small business M&A into the light for owners to see what really happens.


CUT THROUGH THE CLUTTER AND CONNECT WITH YOUR BEST BUYER! Value Prop shows you how to build razor-sharp marketing messages that showcase the truly new, useful and exciting qualities of your product or service, and win business in the process! Technology industry veteran marketer, sales professional and consultant-coach, Jose Palomino, CEO of Value Prop Interactive and contributor to Exit Decisions, offers fresh insights into the critical tasks of creating powerful value propositions that stand out in the marketplace.


Forever change the future of your family business

Every Family’s Business challenges the idea that successful family businesses must keep family issues and business issues separate. Tom believes this separation is impossible and that most family businesses are set up from the beginning to fail because they attempt it.

How you leave your money and possessions is as important as what you leave.

A staggering 50% of North Americans have no will. For those who do, most wills remain badly outdated. Dying without a will can leave a legacy of chaos and anger for those who matter most.

Willing Wisdom is the first book to offer you a process — 7 Questions to ask, family, friends and charities to help guide giving-decisions. For those who already have a Will, the book helps readers confirm whether their giving decisions continue to feel right.

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