Exit Decisions was developed to help business owners and their families understand the various options and issues regarding the future ownership of their business. We do so by offering unbiased, sometimes unfiltered advice, about core principles and topics owners must acknowledge and answer in order to determine their “best” path for the business, their family, and themselves.

Our educational advice helps owners focus on building their businesses’ value while “de-risking” both the business and the owner. These factors not only strengthen any business but also provide an owner with more “exit” options. More options mean better decisions. In other words, owners will have a greater chance to exit their business on their terms.

Exit Decisions was created by Frank Michel, a founding partner in Brandywine Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC. The need for a specialized, pre-sale view on a company and an owner became clear. Over the years it became clear that a candid, stand alone process could aid owners and their families best.

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Are you doing the right things to have a valuable exit on your terms and timing?