Is there a
“value gap”?

Can you grow?

What is the endgame?



Sell to who?

How to sell?

When to sell?



Keep in family?

Who will run?

Sell or give?

Why and When?




What are all
my options?

Opening the Right Door for your “Exit” Decision

All business owners will “exit” their business, one way or another, but there are many ways to do so and not all exits are the same. The best prepared business owners understand this issue and focus their decisions and actions on their best options allowing them to design an exit on their own terms and timing.

Exit Decisions are…


  • Value Decisions
  • Strategic Decisions
  • Growth Decisions
  • Family Decisions
  • Legacy Decisions
  • Personal Decisions
  • Ownership Decisions

Your mission critical decisions are guided by strategic questions and valuable conversations:
  • What do I need to evaluate to determine my true starting point?
  • what do I need to enhance to maximize my business and its’ REAL WORTH to me?
  • What exit options are most realistic for me and my family?

 Let’s get the conversation started…